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Every Day 10:30 – 11:45 or 16:00 – 18:30 (Please make your reservation)

Stuffed Vine Leaves with Sour Cherries

Hassa Bourek
Rolled pastry with green olives, walnuts and spices.


Stuffed Melon (15th Century)

Cored melon stuffed with mincemeat, baked with rice, herbs, almonds, currants and pistachio.

Cook your way through many authentic Ottoman recipes, all once prepared for the approval of the mighty Sultans.

The Turkish and Ottoman cuisine is considered to be one of the richest kitchens in the World. This is no wonder if one thinks about all the geography where the Turks lived and build empire during their history. From the Danube and the Balkans to the Arabic Peninsula and the northern shores of Africa, different cultures and their tastes blend in with the Turkish and Ottoman heritage and built an inspiring cuisine.

So let’s meet for a half day course for an amazing journey through the Turkish culture and cuisine. we will prepare a 5 course menu, including classics of the historical Ottoman cuisine and favorites of the traditional Turkish home and enjoy our prepared meals for lunch or dinner along with refreshing drinks and Turkish coffee.

*You could taste your meal after cooking!


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